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On September 20th the Division Avenue and MacArthur High School Choruses once again came together to perform the National Anthem for the New York Mets and their fans.
Levittown schools have a longstanding tradition of distinction in music. The program contains elements not found in many Long Island districts. In addition to the traditional offerings of band, chorus and orchestra, Levittown offers piano, guitar and electronic music which includes digital recording technology.
DAHS Student Researches Diabetes
While some students may have been vacationing or swimming in pools, Division Avenue Science Research student Shavani Sharma conducted independent research at Winthrop University Hospital. At the hospital, Shavani's research focused on the connection between diabetes and cholesterol metabolism.
Dragon Pride Reigns at DAHS
A clear blue sky was the perfect backdrop for Division Avenue High School's annual homecoming parade and game on Sept. 24.
MacArthur Student Attends STEAM Conference
This summer, Taylor Cooleen (Class of 2017), attended the first annual Project Fibonacci - STEAM Youth Conference. The event was held in Rome, NY and featured various speakers and events revolving around the Fibonacci sequence. Speakers such as Alan Alda, Alan Bean, Chris Hadfield, and many others gave interesting keynote speeches regarding cosmology, psychology, string theory and communication science.
MacArthur HS Announces National Merit Commended Students
The District is pleased to announce that the National Merit Scholarship Program has named four high school seniors as Commended Students. Casey Butcher, Carissa Giuliano, Jake Iannacone and James May are among the 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation being recognized for their exceptional academic promise.
Salk Welcomes Incoming Sixth-Graders
In preparation for the first day of school on Sept. 7, incoming sixth-grade students filed into Salk Middle School's auditorium on Aug. 30 for the annual sixth-grade orientation.
Wisdom Holds Sixth-Grade Orientation
The auditorium was filled with excitement as incoming sixth-grade students and their parents attended Wisdom Lane's annual orientation program.
Teamwork Cup Challenge at East Broadway
Students in Mrs. Goldberg and Mrs. Gerken's 4th grade class at East Broadway created various cup stacking designs using no hands only a rubberband and yarn. Students discovered the importance of good communication, concentration, participation, and determination, when working as a team to successfully complete a task.
The Forces of Aerodynamics
Mr. Centonze, Ms. Penna and Ms. Senay's fifth grade class began this year studying the four forces of aerodynamics (drag, gravity, lift and thrust). After a mini-lesson on these forces, the students were given materials to create a "flying device" based on the knowledge they acquired from the lesson.
A Trouble-free Playground
Hoopball, Guard the Cookie Jar and Drop 21 were three new recess games introduced to students at Lee Road School that will not only entertain, but also assist in the development of their social and emotional skills and teach them responsibility for their actions.
Northside Students Take Part in Levittown Summer Music Program
Twenty four students from Northside School took part in the Levittown Summer Music Program 2016. Some began studies on a newly chosen musical instrument, getting a head-start at learning to play for the coming school year.

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Summer Newsletter Correction: Inadvertently, in the blue "Board of Education" box on the Summer Newsletter, Mrs. Quinones-Smith's name was omitted. Mrs. Quinones-Smith is a valued member of our Board of Education and we regret and apologize for this error. Please see the updated version of the newsletter.
LAP and LAMP Registration: Applications for the Levittown After-School Program (LAP) and the Levittown A.M. Program (LAMP) are now being accepted for the 2016-2017 school year. All applications must be submitted online. This year, there will be no paper forms. For more information on these programs and to register your child please visit the links above.

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